The biggest air sports event of the year. High speed and low, fury flights just above the water and ground. Spectacular, adrenaline-fueled, family friendly and with free public entry. The sky is the theater.




The upcoming FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships 2018 is a week of exciting, air competition. From 2nd to 8th July, the world’s best swoopers will jump at the airfield in Szymanów near Wroclaw, Poland. Everybody is welcome to attend the WCPC 2018.


Canopy Piloting is a fairly new sport, but definitely the most spectacular and breathtaking parachuting discipline. Fast and low flights and aerobatics over the swoop pond (the only one in Europe, built especially for this event) will make the fans literally feel the gust of wind from flying jumpers.

Competitors compete over a stretch of water for safety reasons because of the high speeds involved – at the same time creating spectacular action as the parachutists whizz across the surface of the water, leaving a plume of spray behind them. This discipline requires the highest level of skills and experience with many national federations insisting on a minimum requirement of 500 parachute jumps before allowing a competitor to enter a Championships.

Canopy Piloting (also known as swooping) involves a series of tasks designed to test a parachutist’s ability to control his canopy and fly accurately. Each test starts with the parachutist navigating through a number of gates which are situated over water.  The parachutist has one of three goals, depending on the task;  complete the course in the shortest time, therefore having the highest speed; complete the water section and then land on a target as accurately as possible; achieve the longest distance from the entry gate before touching down.