The World Canopy Piloting Championships 2018 takes place at Szymanów Airfield, 10km from Wroclaw. It’s best to use Google Maps and choose Szymanów Airport, Aero Club of Wroclaw, Szymanów, Wrocław.

Details about getting to the airfield will be presented in May 2018 and will include an exact deployment plan of areas, exits, entrances, and other logistic information.




Aeroklub Wrocławski, WrocLoveSky Club, Lotnisko Szymanów
51-188 Wrocław 49

Phone number: +48 713 87 87 16



Centre of RWY 14/32 (WGS-84): 51°12’21.8′′N 016°59’54.9′′E
Distance from Wroclaw city centre: 10km
Elevation: 407 ft/124 m
Magnetic declination: 4°E (2010) / 6’E


Google Map